Sydney Fishing in Autumn Tips


There are several freshwater Sydney fishing spots within an hour from the city. Most of them are found at the coastal rivers as well as upland streams of Barrington Tops, Upper Hunter and Southern Highlands. Sydney itself has several fishing spots for both amateur and experience anglers can enjoy.

Diversity is what Sydney has to offer. The region has several bays, beaches, and river that include the Sydney Harbour, Botany Bay and Hawkesbury River. These are the favourite Sydney fishing spots for beginners and regular anglers alike.

When you are planning a Sydney fishing trip in autumn, there are two species that you can catch during the season. These are tailor and black bream.


The tailor looks like a deadly predator with its razor sharp teeth. It is the most popular fish in Sydney, but some beginners find it hard to catch the tailor. To catch adult tailors, you should use surface poppers or metal slice lures. They provide appealing action to attract tailors.

Black Bream

You will hear a lot of stories about the black bream while Sydney fishing. It is because they are easy to catch, but even the expert anglers say they haven’t mastered catching them. They can be caught any time of the day with any bait. That’s why they are popular among anglers. Sport fishing tournaments have made bream fishing more popular.

Sydney Fishing Tips

While estuaries, rivers and streams are generally public waters, the land around them are typically private property. So remember when you enter a private property, you should always ask permission in a polite manner.

If you are a Sydney fishing beginner, you don’t need to have specialised gear. Light fishing gear is enough to catch black breams, flathead, and whiting. Light fishing gear is enjoyable when fishing in lakes and estuaries.

There are various fishing clubs in Sydney. Joining a fishing club is a great way to help you learn how to fish properly and know the species that thrive during a specific season. They also organise fishing trips and other social events where other members share their experiences. This is also a good way to learn.

There are some parts of the year where regulations are implemented in order to protect spawning species. A fishing licence is also required when fishing in Australia. Inspectors have the habit of turning up when you least expect them. Be sure you have the licence to avoid the hassles.

Sydney fishing is a great way to spend your free time. Autumn is the best time to catch black bream and tailor in the region. Be sure to check with the local fishing club or tackle shop to know the best fishing spots in Sydney. Keep these tips in mind to have a more enjoyable Sydney fishing experience.