Pittwater fishing

Pittwater is just one of the semi-mature tidal, drowned valley estuaries which are located close to the city of Sydney. Located just 40 kilometres north of Sydney’s central business district, Pittwater is a popular day trip for the city’s anglers, and is popular with both recreational and commercial fishermen. At just 10km long, it is easy for anglers to explore the waterway thoroughly, in order to find the best fishing spots for themselves depending on their desired catch. For those who have access to their own boat, there are hundreds of bays and additional waterways to investigate, but for those who prefer to fish from the shoreline, there are still plenty of places to cast off.

Due to the favourable habitat of the waterway, there are a variety of different fish available to catch all year round, including Flathead, Kingfish, Bream, Whiting, Salmon, and Squid.

Anglers have also reported catching Spotted Mackerel and Cobia in these waters. Slimy Mackerel may or may not frequent the area, depending on certain factors that season. There are also prime areas to catch baitfish, for those who prefer to use live bait to lure in their intended target. For those who are interested in crustaceans, Blue Swimmer Crabs are commonly found in the bays and in the flats at Palm Beach. Tailor and Bonito are most commonly found along the western shoreline during the winter months and Sea Gar are very common along the northern end of Palm Beach during the summer fishing periods. John Dory are also commonly found close to the moorings of Coasters Retreat during the winter. As the waters warm up during the summer months, anglers have even been known to spot marlin off of Barrenjoey Headland, so it may be possible for serious boat-based anglers to catch these magnificent fish here.

Photography Sourced from Fliskr by FotoSleuth

Photography Sourced from Flickr by FotoSleuth under Creative Commons License

There are plenty of fantastic fishing spots along Pittwater, which are ideal for shoreline anglers and boat-based anglers alike. If you are in a boat, start off by catching live bait in the West Head, then visit Mackerel Beach and Coasters Retreat to catch Yellowtail, Squid and Slimy Mackerel. The Morning Bay area is a great spot for those who are interested in Bream, Whiting, Mulloway and Flathead, and also offers plenty of suitable spots for those who prefer to fish from the shore.

Although there are a few boat ramps available for those who are looking to directly enter Pittwater, many of the ramps which are maintained by the council will charge a nominal fee for entry to the water. These fees can differ, depending on whether you plan on using the ramp at the weekend or during the week. Facilities at these ramps are also of varying quality. One of the best ramps is the Bayview Ramp at Rowland Bay Reserve. This ramp includes a washing and boat maintenance area, a pontoon for loading or offloading extra passengers, and an extra ramp area to accommodate boaters during busy periods.  This ramp is perfect for those who want to access the waters near to Scotland Island.

Pittwater Waterways Map