Parramatta River Fishing Location Guide

The Parramatta River is one of the main tributaries of Sydney Harbour at the Port Jackson branch. It is just one of the city’s intermediate tide dominated, drowned valley estuaries, and is a great place for recreational fishing. A number of smaller waterways flow into the Parramatta River, including Duck River and Lane Cover River. Parramatta River Fishing has plenty to offer shoreline anglers, as well as those who prefer to fish recreationally from boats.

Much of the riverbank of the Parramatta is densely populated, so choosing a spot for shoreline fishing can be quite hard, however these dwellings are not all bad news for anglers. The piers, jetties, wharfs and pontoons which go hand in hand with riverbank premises are a haven for small fish and predators alike. If you can find a spot to fish near one of these manmade structures, then you will usually find yourself able to catch a wide array of different fish. However, you should never fish on private property without the permission of the owner. For those who cannot find a suitable spot near a jetty, there are plenty of coves and sandy beaches which play host to large numbers of flathead and whiting.

One of the best sections of Parramatta River fishing is from is the lower stretch between the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Gladesville Bridge. Due to the fact that there are three islands here, which are surrounded by deep holes, bream anglers will find this section to be a very pleasing area to fish, although the waterway can get very busy during the day with tourists and commercial boats. For shoreline anglers, there is a great spot in this section of the river which can be accessed from Bicentennial Park towards the end of Rozelle Bay.

Parramatta River Fishing Iron Cove suburban Sydney, Australia

Parramatta River Fishing – Iron Cove suburban Sydney, Australia. Photography by: Richard Taylor

The varied environment of the river means that a lot of different sea creatures can be found there amongst the rock bars, weed beds, deep holes and mangroves.  As well as flathead and whiting, the Parramatta River also plays host to bream, luderick, mulloway, Australian bass, mullet, leatherjackets and garfish. Smaller baitfish is plentiful throughout the river area, and many bigger fish therefore frequent the river in search of food.

Parramatta River fishing regulations

It is important that you stay up to date with all the latest legislation. Previously, bans have been imposed on certain sections of the river, due to concerns about the water quality in those areas or because of the risk of contaminated sediment. Commercial fishing is still completely banned on the river, due to elevated levels of dioxins in fish and crustaceans which have been caught in this area, however recreational fishing is not covered by these bans in the majority of areas of the waterway. If you do decide to eat your catch, then you are advised to consider limiting the amount that you consume. Further dietary advice can be found on the Department of Primary Industries’ website. All standard fishing fees and regulations apply Parramatta River Fishing.

Parramatta River Fishing Map