Looking after your tackle

It’s so important to look after your tackle.  Over time you invest a lot of money in your equipment and you don’t want it to get ruined by neglect.  Here are my top tips for keeping your tackle in top condition.

1. Clean your main line and elastic with washing up liquid every couple of months, depending on amount of usage.  This gets rid of the grease and helps your line to sink.

2.  If you use a pole, clean down thoroughly, especially after fishing with messy baits and put joint save on the joint sections.

3. If you’ve been sea fishing then EVERYTHING needs rinsing because the salt fro the seawater is extremely corrosive.  I lay it all out and give it a hose down.  Then re-grease the moving parts of your reel.

4. Store tackle somewhere dry away from mice and rats that will chew your nets.  I keep my bait in a black dustbin/trash can to keep it dry and safe from pesky rodents.

5. Nets go in a bag.  Try and rinse them and let them dry thoroughly before putting them in a bag to avoid that damp smell as much as possible.  Then store them off the ground away from mice who love to use net for bedding.  I hang mine of hooks in the garage.

6. Bait boxes – rinse only with clean water or lake/river water.  I think fish are particularly sensitive to chemicals etc. that are in cleaning products.  You don’t want that to transfer to your bait and put them off.

7.  Stack your gear away in your shed or garage in the order you would take it out to fit it into your car.

If you do these things your kit will always be serviceable and in good condition.  It will last longer and be more saleable if you fancy an upgrade.