Fishing in Middle Harbour

Middle Harbour is a tide dominated, drowned valley estuary which lies to the north of Sydney central business district. With its source in Garigal National Park by Middle Harbour Creek, this short waterway is nonetheless important to anglers in Sydney. Its depth and salinity mean that a wide variety of fish can be found there which may not be found in any other classic river or estuary area.


Amongst the unusual species which can be found in the Middle Harbour area are dolphinfish, bull sharks and bluefin and yellowfin tuna, as well as blue groper, kingfish, jewfish and spotted mackerel. In fact, many anglers have claimed to have spotted a wide range of other rare and unusual species of fish in the harbour area. Within the same small area, anglers have been able to catch common bream closely followed by bluefin tuna!

If you are hoping for a Jewfish catch, the best areas of Middle Harbour to fish are The Spit and Pickering Point. The best time to catch these fish is during the daylight hours, and their bait of choice is fresh squid. Another fish which favours fresh squid is the Kingfish, which can be found a-plenty from Sugarloaf to Bantry Bay. Whatever time of day that you choose to fish in Middle Harbour, you should be able to find Kingfish willing to take your bait.

The wonderful shape of the harbour means that it is possible to fish in the harbour from a boat on the water or from a spot on the shoreline. One of the best spots on the shoreline is Grotto Point. Not only is this a wonderful spot to fish from, it is also one of the most scenic fishing spots in the harbour, as it is possible to see military fortifications, a listed lighthouse and sacred aboriginal sites from the Point. In winter, it is also a great place to watch the whales making their annual migration north. The amount of fish that you will find here can vary depending on the tide, but in general, the best time to fish here is usually for around 2 hours each way at the top of the tide. If the tide times coincide with sunrise or sunset, then it is highly likely that the fish will be plentiful at this spot.

When you are fishing anywhere in Middle Harbour, remember to check the local rules and regulations, as some areas of the harbour have special restrictions. For example, nets are prohibited in all waters upstream of the Roseville Bridge and in the waters of Hunters Bay.

Middle Harbour Waterways Map